It's back!

Beard Moringa Oil Pregnancy Skin

After showing itself to be one of our most popular beauty products, the XpressLife Moringa oil is now back in stock. Yes you can do your happy dance now!

We currently offer three sizes; 

  • 30ml - for when you are on the go and need a quick refresh
  • 50ml - perfect for when you are traveling 
  • 100ml - best left on your dresser for daily use

Remember our oil is cold pressed and unrefined so is bursting all of the raw goodness from seed to oil. Vitamins A and E to heal and soothe a multitude of skin issues from acne to eczema to Psoriasis to stretch marks. It is also excellent for burns, bites, using as a makeup cleanser and a super nourishing beard oil. So many uses in such a small bottle. Amazing huh. 

Get yours today before they are all gone!

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