What is Moringa?

 A natural superfood in plant form that offers so many benefits it is known as the 'miracle plant'. Rich in Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and more!

Where do I start with Moringa?

Finding it hard to get started in the morning? Take x2 Xpress Life Moringa capsules after breakfast or use Xpress Life Moringa Powder in your daily smoothie.

Need a quick pick me up? Drink a cup of refreshing energy boosting Xpress Life Moringa Tea to keep you going that little bit longer. 

Tired achy joints? Try x2 Moringa seeds for a sugar-free instant energy boost and relief from joint pain.

Missing that Summer glow? Keep skin looking and feeling young and healthy with Xpress Life Moringa Oil, a penetrating moisturising oil that nourishes the skin and hair. Works wonders on unruly beards too.

Can I give Moringa to my family?

Yes! From baby to grandma, everyone can benefit from the increased nutrients and vitamins. Bursting with over 27 vitamins and minerals, XpressLife Moringa naturally increases the body's immunity and energy levels because of the high level of vitamin C and iron. 

Can I take Moringa if I am taking prescribed medication?

Yes, but consult your GP before taking to ensure that it is compatible with your prescribed medication.  

 Stay at your best at any time of day with XPRESS LIFE Moringa. 


DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to cure any disease or ailment. Always consult your GP before taking any new supplements.